Talk of the Town Speech and Reading Center - Buzzing sounds, words, and more all over town!
1.  Do you accept insurance?
Yes!  Talk of the Town Speech & Language Center is excited to announce that we are an in network provider for:
-Blue Cross Blue Shield Horizon
-United Health Care
2. How long does Speech Therapy last? 
The length of  speech therapy varies from client to client. 
3.What is a home program?
In order to ensure that therapy is successful, a home program is designed to carryover and generalize skills between therapy sessions.  This is an imperative part of the therapy process.  Practice, Practice, Practice!
4.  What is the difference between a speech screening and evaluation?
A complimentary screening is free and takes approximately 10 minutes to administer. During this meeting, structured and unstructured activities are utilized to assess oral motor abilities, articulation, and language to determine if a speech evaluation is warranted at this time.  Our fee schedule, review of insurance benefits will be completed as well.  If we are not in network with your insurance plan, other payment options will be discussed. 
A formal speech evaluation consist of an in-depth look at your child's oral motor/articulation/language abilities. A case history will be asked to be filled out regarding your child's milestones, family speech/language history and your concerns regarding your child. An evaluation can run anywhere from 1-2 hours in length.  Fee for the evaluation will be discussed at the screening or your initial scheduling phone call.
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